My Name is Stephen Paul. I have degrees in B.Sc. and B.Ed. but was unable to find a job. When I came to church Brother Sudhakar prayed for us, particularly to find a job. I became baptized in his church. Still there was no job for me. Twice I went to write the exam but was not selected. At last there was a final opportunity for me to get work in education, given my age and the rules of the Indian government. I would not have another chance. Br. Sudhakar and the church prayed a lot for me, and by the grace of God I was selected as a teacher. The position was restricted to only 46 members, and by God's grace I was chosen even though I was not one of the ones who had a reservation for the job. I give thanks to God for everything he has done in my life. All the glory goes to God alone. Amen.


My Name is Ratna Kumari. I converted to Christianity from a strong Hindu faith. I had suffered several years from a cyst of the ovary. I spent much money and consulted many doctors for a cure but it was of no use. Finally the doctor said that I should get a major operation. I began to go to church and became baptized. Brother Sudhakar prayed for me to be healed. Some months later I went to the doctor for a check up. The doctor found that I had no cyst in my ovary. The doctors immediately asked me where I had received an operation. I told them I had not had one but they did not believe me. I told them that God has done this to me. They were astonished and praised God. I heartily thank God, for what is impossible for man is possible for God. Amen.


My name is Rajkumar. It is my privilege to share how God is faithful to us. I converted to Christianity from a Hindu background. When we came to Kakinada we met Br. Sudhakar. We started to attend his church and were baptized. Once when I had fallen from a tree and badly injured my hip, they took me to the hospital. The doctor treated my hip. He said there was much damage and I would need to rest for nearly a year. Br. Sudhakar and the church members prayed for me and also gave me practical help. I am the only provider for my family and I was really upset at the need to rest. By the grace of God, within six weeks I started to work. It is wonderful that in a very short period of time God had healed me.

I am an auto driver, and some time later as I was traveling a boy dashed out in front of my car. He received severe injuries and after two days he died. The family of the boy brought a case against me (even though Mr. Kumar was not at fault) and I was supposed to be put in jail until I could raise bail. By the grace of God, after Br. Sudhakar and the church members prayed for me, I did not spend even one day in jail and the case was dropped. I will truly testify that though we are not faithful, He is faithful to us. Amen. Please pray for my family to abide with God more.


Praise the Lord! I am Durga. I am glad to share what God has done in my life. He is so faithful. When I became pregnant the doctors said it would be very difficult for me to give birth. At that time I came to know God. I began to attend Brother Sudhakar's church, and from that time onwards they started to pray for me. When I was about to give delivery the doctors said that both myself and the child may not live; because of my health problems I was not strong enough. I submitted my life to God, and promised Him, "If You will do a miracle I will be your witness." By the grace of God, he did a miracle and has given a wonderful and healthy child to me. I thank Jesus for what God has done in my life.


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